Dan Blakeslee - Illustrator providing commercial and commissioned Illustrations - Samples Artwork for Beer and Wine labels

Cover Illustration for a Book

"The Legacy" - by J. McCormack

A tale of intrigue, ending in a small New England town; suspense, Nazi diamonds,  and a Love Story


"The Girl in the Coppertone Ad"
- by Neal McLaughlin

A heartwarming summer story; a young girl and a newfound friend; set in Maine




Album Cover Art

(Right-side) several examples of Album cover art. Typically, illustrations are also usually developed for the Album design and inserts


Tune Buggy - cartoon type CD illustration Ken Ballou - 'Lead Poisoning' - CD cover illustration Slaid Cleaves - 'Everything You Love Will Be Taken Away'
Tune Buggy - cartoon type CD illustration Lonesome State - 'Don't think too much' - CD cover Art Dan Blakeslee - 'Haloween Special' - cartoon type CD illustration

Label Art

Example of Art on beverage bottles and associated packaging. Carton and Beer Label Art has been created for both Wine and Beer beverage containers.


Artwork and illusrations for beer bottle label and Carton

For Northampton Pale Ale - from 'The Northampton Brewery'


'Heady-Topper'- beer label,
highly rated brew from the brewery
- 'The Alchemist-Vermont'

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 'Dan is the Man with the Can'



  Wine Label for 'Chateau Greenland'

Bottle label and carrier Art for 'Saison' Ale,  Ipswich Ale Brewery
Dan Blakeslee - Beer (Ale) bottle label
'Focal Banger'  -  Link Back to the 'ratebeer.com' for an image of this World Class Beer


'Focal Banger'

One of Dan's most recent labels is for another '100' rating world class beer (by both Beer Advocate and Ratebeer).
'Focal Banger' produced by 'The Alchemist' Brewery in Waterbury, VT.

* --------- *

And, at least one 2020 Presidential Candidate has shown appreciation for an Alchemist 'brew' ......with Dan's Label Art..!


'Focal Banger'  -  Link Back to the 'ratebeer.com' for an image of this World Class Beer  

'Pleasant Surprise'

A recent beer label for
Henry & Fran Brewery



Another label for the Alchemist Brewery
' Holy Cow ' !!
label for the Alchemist Brewery - 'Holy Cow'
Another label for the Alchemist Brewery - 'Rapture'

     ...wait .......

       ...and yet...another label for the
        Alchemist Brewery!! - ' Rapture '

Cafe Art
Examples of Art prepared for Cafe
or Restaurant



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* USA Today 10Best  Reader's Choice for 2019
    - Craft Beer Label 'Heady Topper'
     ...Dan's Beer label art is selected for 1st Place *

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